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Humans of Grafton - Julie

June is Pride Month and helping us start this celebration is Julie!

Julie joined me on the Humans of Grafton MA project to show the representation of the LGBTQ community in our town. A naturally shy and introverted person, she managed to persuade herself to attend this photoshoot after many internal debates. She was such a great spot as I asked her to run, spin, jump, sit and lie down for all the different ideas I had. Modeling ain't an easy job!

Thank you Julie and Rascal for coming and showing your support for this cause! ❤️


If you missed the last posts — Jieun's family photoshoot— you can catch up right here. If you resonate with any of the stories or support the cause, and love the photography, join the mailing list here (put your email into the pop-up window) and get updates, promotions, and events.

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